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'Made in Ireland, The Thousand Benchmark Report’

Researched and authored by themselves and Enterprise Research Centre in the University of Limerick, the report provides a fascinating insight into the improvements in the Practices being employed by Irish business and the levels of Performance that they are achieving.  The link between Practice and Performance is very important.  In simple terms, it means that if a company “does the right things” then it will achieve good results.

As long time users of BenchmarkIndex® since 2000, the service has helped them to support a large number of businesses to improve their operations and practices. Irish businesses compete on world Markets. To do this effectively they must be competitive to international levels of performance.  Their island location means that they must also overcome the challenges of distance. 

Benchmarking Irish SME’s is undertaken to understand the true level of competition they face.  It helps businesses identify their strengths and their weaknesses when compared objectively with their sector competitors.  It also helps businesses allocate scarce resources in an effective and efficient way, based on objective facts, to drive improvement agendas.

The report highlights the importance of doing things right, where the data highlights the impacts on company performance.  Companies who adopt good practice outperform those who do not. Irish SME’s are shown to have made significant progress over time but there is no place for complacency, and there is still a very significant opportunity for Irish SME’s to improve their overall competitiveness by continuing to adopt good practice.

Enterprise Ireland is committed to supporting their clients on their development journeys, to help them achieve increased employment levels, additional export sales, innovative new products and ultimately sustainable competitiveness.

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