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Arrowsmith Engineering Ltd take part in the Rail Industry Fit to Supply - Benchmarking Pilot

Arrowsmith are specialists in turning, milling, thread Rolling and grinding (plus a range of NDT, CMM, thread and hydraulic pressure testing services).  They can produce high quality products in small runs, but equally have the capacity to produce on a much larger scale.

They are a nominated key supplier to the Aerospace industry and are specialists in R&D work for major world aerospace companies.  For the past 48 years Arrowsmith engineers have helped develop parts for the most advanced aerospace engines.

Arrowsmith wish to take this expertise into the rail industry and be part of a significant market over the years to come.  It was for this reason that Jason Aldridge, Arrowsmith's Managing Director, agreed to work with the Business Growth Service as part of the benchmarking pilot. Initially, Jason was of the view that benchmarking was just a way of seeing how the performance of Arrowsmith compared with its peers.  However, by the time he had received the results, he had come to the conclusion it was more than that.  It could actually help him improve his business performance; its growth, profitability and productivity.

Speaking to the Business Growth Service, Jason explained, "Benchmarkindex showed me what I only thought the position to be. We have very high overheads, due to the nature of our work (e.g. aerospace).  This impacts on profitability.  As a result of benchmarking, I have to look at ways of streamlining our costs." Asked whether he would use Benchmarkindex again, Jason replied, "I would always jump at the chance of doing it."


"…as a result of benchmarking, I have to look at ways of streamlining our costs.”

Jason Aldridge, Managing Director, Arrowsmith Engineering