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Benchmark Index set to continue playing a key role in supporting Australian businesses

Winning Moves Benchmark Index is a central tool in the support offer as it provides a powerful insight into current levels of performance, as well as helping to pinpoint areas for improvement. It's key role is set to continue, with Enterprise Connect recently licensing the service for the fifth consecutive year for use by its network of more than 100 national business advisers. To date, approaching 2,000 Australian businesses have already benefitted from the service.

The latest unlimited usage license has been taken following an in depth review of Enterprise Connect services. Benchmark Index will remain as a key service in light of its performance over the past 4 years. Indeed, Winning Moves is proud to report that a recent internal review of the service based on the 4 years of operations has led to performance being judged as Excellent or Outstanding in all categories.

However, we are not resting on our laurels and have a number of new functions and tools planned for delivery during the next year. These include the introduction of a finance benchmarking too, together with sector modules for tourism and food production. In addition, we have been separately contracted to design and build a Business Review portal to manage all of the estimated 2,000 support interventions per annum. Integrated within this will be a Sustainability Assessment tool to help businesses become greener and more efficient.