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Lithuania Enterprise continues licensing benchmarkindex® to improve the competitiveness of local businesses

Lithuania has been through a period of profound change since regaining independence back in 1990. Moving from a planned to a market economy has been a massive challenge, one that the country continues to tackle head on. It has a population of some 3 million people and enjoys a strategically advantageous position for trade in the Baltic region.

Benchmark Index was the methodology selected during 2010 as the tool best qualified to undertake a national competiveness programme. The project was led by Ernst and Young Baltic (UAB)on behalf of Enterprise Lithuania, and around 200 businesses have now taken part. They have provided data and received performance reports with adviser insights in to how to improve their businesses.

Now 12 months on, the project is switching focus to provide direct consulting support to businesses. Enterprise Lithuania is taking the lead on this phase, with Ernst and Young continuing to offer expert assistance. Many of the organisations that have been benchmarked will receive additional support through this new phase, with a further 100 business earmarked for assistance. The consultancy will focus on strengthening the enterprises to help achieve more domestic and export sales.

To support the continued activity, Mark Modena from Winning Moves recently spent a week in the capital city of Vilnius, training the next cohort of 22 advisers who will be supporting the businesses. The week of practical, hands on training went very well, with delegates reporting an overall satisfaction level in excess of 90%. They are now eager to start working with and supporting businesses using the methodology.