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Next stop Beijing province for benchmarkindex®

Winning Moves has recently been selected to work with partner the Fraunhofer Institute to set up a benchmarking centre in Beijing. This is a very exciting development, with the tool set to be taken up in various other provinces in China over the next few years.

China is now the second largest economy in the world, having recently overtaken Japan. A major driver for this has of course been their powerful, low cost manufacturing industry that exports products globally. They see the benchmarkindex® as an essential means to raise their game and remain competitive in areas such as customer satisfaction, quality, people performance and innovation.

The implementation project begins in July 2011 with an intensive period of work planned to develop the system and advisers ready for the launch early in 2012. Winning Moves is proud to be involved in this exciting venture, with China being the latest of 15 countries that have embraced the service.

Mark Modena, Director at Winning Moves, commented “We are thrilled to be involved with this project, which we are confident will bring about huge improvements for Chinese businesses. They will be able to compare against a substantial volume of international data, as well as adding value to the information held. This is a huge next step in the continued exponential growth of the service”.